It’s Official. We Are Living in the Soviet Union.

It’s time for a little truth for our side.

Conservatives say, “Lock her up.” And never move an inch toward actually doing it.

Leftists don’t even say “lock him up.” They simply proceed to do it — carefully, patiently and decisively.

We on the dissenting side could use some of that. Sure, leftism is the ideology of snowflakes. It’s the ideology of let someone else do the work and pick up the bill while you live as an entitled brat.

Yet somehow, their side knows how to win. They know how to drown Trump in indictments — so many that if only one of them sticks, then he will end up doing some jail time.

Hillary will never see the inside of a prison, and I think most of us know that. We are too inclined to turn the other cheek — at least, most of us.

On the surface, leftists are the “smart” ones. They’re clearly winning every battle and the war, right now. But their stupidity must come back to bite them. Leftists are bad people at war with virtue and with virtuous people. They think they can eradicate the qualities of goodness that human survival requires, and still survive without us. Good luck with that, leftists. When the anger and rage of the good people eventually asserts itself — watch out.

So Trump could become President again and pardon himself for all charges except the Georgia ones. He would have to serve prison time before getting a pardon for the Georgia charges, according to what I’m reading. Unless, of course, the left-wing selected Georgia jury acquits him, which seems unlikely. This makes it seem inevitable that Trump will do prison time. Giuliani and others, too.

It’s official. We are living in the Soviet Union.

Leftist-RINO oligarchs are bad and unjust. But they hold the power of the police, the military and enough of the courts to impose their will. They are not afraid to use it all. Praying, wishing and expressing outrage will not change any of it. Prayer, outrage and talk radio did not remove Hitler from power or destroy other enemies of America throughout history. Such things provide important FUEL, but not the ammunition required to defeat and destroy evil. When force is initiated, you cannot merely complain to get rid of it, any more than complaining will rid you of an infestation of bugs or rodents. Prosecuting Trump is their expression of intimidation and a show of force. It’s the preening of a dictatorship. It’s their way of not merely getting back at Trump; it’s their way of saying, “We control you, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.” At some point, it’s not enough to be angry. You have to be strong and ruthlessly determined to fight back. We are dealing with organized, armed and unblinking depravity not seen since the Nazi regime.



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