Oh, the Humanity

Edward Snowden on Twitter/X:

“The whole system revolves around the idea that the majority can be made to believe anything, so long as it is repeated loudly and often.

And it works.”

And Snowden would know. He was caught in the crosshairs of a weaponized government (the Obama regime, if you recall) before it was cool.

Snowden speaks to a deeper truth about human nature. Human beings, at their best, are rational creatures. They survive not by instinct or biology, but by means of reason; by thinking.

Thinking has to be initiated. It’s never automatic. When thinking becomes automatic, we call it a feeling or emotion. But by itself, a feeling or emotion has no cognitive value. We must apply objective THINKING to our feelings to know whether or not they might have any worth.

If you found yourself stranded on a desert island tomorrow, your survival would hinge on your thinking — not your emotions. Your emotions would potentially provide valuable fuel. But they won’t keep you from dying or starving. And that’s how all of life is — including mental coping, which is part of what our survival requires in the post-industrial, highly technological world.

We don’t see a lot of mental coping in today’s world. That’s probably one of the few things upon which almost everyone agrees. That’s because there’s almost no thinking.

If all human beings utilized thinking, the world would be as close to a utopian place as it could get. Utopia’s not realistic, but it’s also not necessary. It IS necessary that most people, most of the time, employ the choice of thinking in what they do. Thinking does not guarantee accuracy, but it does guarantee rationality. And rationality leads to self-correction. Rationality means intellectual honesty, as opposed to the widespread “emperor has no clothes” fiasco mentality presently sweeping the world.

At their worst, human beings rely blindly on emotions and, as a consequence of this faulty method, on the opinions of the mob.

That’s what we see today. Most people are not thinking. But worse than that, they’re relying on blind emotions — or, worse still, the blind (even psychotic) emotions of the mob. The “mob” is actually a minority we call the wokesters. Wokesters are not in the majority. But the majority of us are letting the wokesters (who perversely call themselves “progressive”) do our thinking for us.

The elevation of a caricature goon like Biden to the presidency, and the passive, resigned acceptance of the majority to the will of the belligerent transgender activists, are two particularly glaring examples in support of my assertion.

It’s not possible that most people are as mindless as the goons in the government or the wokesters who gleefully declare that “A is not A, and there’s nothing you can do about it!” If most people were this depraved, civilization would be in a state of collapse worse (metaphorically) than the aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, in the 1940s. Civilization does not keep itself running as well as it does thanks to the truck driving, airplane steering, or risk taking equivalents of Bidens and militant drag queens. There are much better people out there than we presently can know. Why? Because the people in our faces are miserable creeps, tyrants or worse.

The problem is that most of us have defaulted to the nonthinking of the mindless minority posing as a mob, thanks in part to the proliferation of almost state-run social media.

That’s what is killing us. We are killing ourselves. And not a bit of it is necessary. The misery could all end in literally five minutes or less. If only the majority of us began to exercise the will of THOUGHT and the character to back it up in practice.



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