Karens: They’re Just Plain BAD PEOPLE

A reader of Dr. Hurd’s wrote the following:

People are just Nuts…

People are so close to the edge of just flying off the handle for just about anything. Of course, I now have to cite an example, so here it goes: (one of many that have happened this year)

I was walking my dog, which I do every day … there are a number of bikes heading in the same direction. The south bound light turns red, and the bicyclists stop and wait for the light. I look to the left and someone is riding across the road in the crosswalk on another bike. Then she stops at the opening of the sidewalk and blocks the exit of this sidewalk that we are coming up to. She remains blocking the sidewalk with the bike perpendicular to the sidewalk itself, so we have to walk around her and as I did; I stated as a matter of fact (since most new people don’t know this) that she could get a ticket for riding a bike on the sidewalk. (That is why we have big ‘bike lanes’ on each side of the road – I did not say this out loud).

One of the first people I met here in Delaware told me he got a ticket for the same thing. Since there are a lot of new people moving here and no one told us about this – I figured I would just do something nice for someone. Little did I know that she would lose her shit and was screaming from where I left her on the corner; I am deaf in one ear and had a podcast playing in the other, so I had no idea she was screaming in my direction; and I am now at least 100 yards down the road.

She actually turns her bike around and starts to drive toward me still yelling incoherently. When she came up to me, I realized she was talking to me and was still incoherently yelling. I continued to walk away (same direction that we were traveling. Once I realized that she was yelling at me, I apologized for even trying to help her out. She then starts saying, ‘what if I tell people that your dog bit me, would you like that?’ I said have a nice day and started to cut through a nearby development, because she was desperate trying to get her bike up the curve to follow me. We just kept walking and she finally left. (and took her crazy elsewhere…)

I am fully on board with reconstituting mental health facilities, there are more people than you know that require institutionalization.


Dr. Hurd’s reply:

Sadly, the problem with these Karens is not insanity (though that’s part of it); it’s also toxicity. Just plain badness. Sometimes evil. In the Middle Ages she would have been classified as possessed by demons. In reality, she is possessed by her own bitter, nasty premises and core convictions about life, people and (I suspect) men in particular. One need not be a clairvoyant to guess her political views either!



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