Bill Barr is a Malevolent Pig

My meme on social media: If Bill Barr now says Trump is a criminal, then doesn’t this make Bill Barr a criminal, too?

Americans have — over generations — permitted the creation of a government that is no longer accountable to its people. The Attorney General of the U.S. is one of the most powerful positions in the federal government. Bill Barr was Attorney General. Of course he’s a scumbag, but that isn’t news. What’s important to understand is that he doesn’t have to be accountable to the people. Someone is paying him off, or scaring him, into changing his position on Trump. As my meme suggests, if he now believes Trump is a criminal, then why didn’t he believe this 2 short years ago? Why didn’t he resign back then and tell the American people, “Your President is a criminal”? Or why was he too stupid to know Trump was a criminal, and how did he get so smart to understand it now?

Clearly, there’s no defending what Barr is doing from ANY perspective. But he does not care. And he does not have to care. Why? Because nobody who participates in the Swamp is accountable to the people. You’re only accountable to the Swamp. Barr betrayed the Swamp briefly, by working for Trump, but now he’s back into their good graces. This is not a government. This is a legalized, glorified Mafia with the power to print fiat currency and drop nuclear bombs on, or shoot innocent people. We have created this monster. Like a wound or a pimple, Barr is simply the latest example, and a particularly ugly one at that.


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