When Fighting Evil, Hope is Not a Fact

“Every time the radical left Democrats, Marxists, communists and fascists indict me, I consider it a truly great badge of honor,” says former President Donald Trump.

Exactly the right attitude. Morality is on the side of ANYBODY other than the fascists, Marxists and Communists in charge. But unfortunately, brute force is on their side. They have the force of government. They own the military, which is why they have turned the American military into a gigantic drag show. They own the schools, which is why they have turned the schools into propaganda mills for their literally psychopathic and collectivist ideas. They own the police in all of America’s biggest cities, which is why America’s biggest cities are falling.

This is what an occupation looks like. Check out the cities. They are just getting started. Each year is worse than the previous year from the point-of-view of individual liberty. Am I right, advocates of individual liberty? The evidence supports what I’m saying: Fewer individual liberties every year. They keep moving the bar. The thing that seems unfathomable this year will be commonplace by next year. The courts will eventually be overwhelmingly dominated by collectivist, far-left, Communist/fascist judges. At that point, we’ll have no relief at all, even the temporary, mostly nominal relief we get now, as in the affirmative action or student loan cases. Clarence Thomas will not be around forever, and can’t keep saving us as an almost lone voice on the high Court.

You have to understand, and even Donald Trump has to better understand: We are an occupied country. We don’t have dysfunctional and erroneous yet well-meaning people in power. THE PEOPLE IN POWER ARE ROTTEN TO THE CORE, AND DOWNRIGHT EVIL. They are irredeemably bad, drunk with power, and will only demand more and more power. Poland was not enough for Hitler, and COVID fascism and outlawing fossil fuels will not be enough for this bunch. The next generation (AOC and beyond) are even worse. This includes each and every “Democrat” in power and many (if not most) of the Republicans in power who, if nothing else, enable and provide aid and comfort to the bad guys while pretending to be on the other side, accepting the money of gullible campaign donors who focus on what they say, rather than on what they actually do.

Let’s define bad guys. Bad guys initiate the use of force. It’s the core of what makes them bad guys. We — the good guys, who wish to leave people alone and be left alone — cannot and will not defeat force with words and morality — not with words and morality alone. The bad guys, sad to say, have to be removed from power by force, just like hostage-takers and other criminals have to be restrained by force. It can’t and won’t be done through the existing legal system, because the existing legal system is occupied by the bad guys. It can’t be done by the military, because the military top brass are also bad guys, unless there’s something I’m missing about the military on the lower or rank-and-file level.

That’s why nothing is changing. That’s why nothing substantially changed even while Trump held the presidency for 4 years; the bad guys were in charge through it all, even though they didn’t start showing their true, full colors until COVID fascism began.

Don’t ask me how to do it. You cannot alter reality until you first FACE and NAME reality. I’m saying that the good guys have to begin to grasp that the bad guys are not going anywhere, and they are NOT going to stop. They are only going to double and triple down on their efforts, so long as all their efforts keep working. Trump may go to jail, and orchestrate the most phenomenal p.r. campaign from jail ever seen. I actually see this happening. He might even be President from jail — doubtful, but possible. Yet he’ll still be in jail. And so will the rest of us, metaphorically if not literally, since life under a dictatorship is the equivalent of jail (if not worse), as any survivor of a dictatorship will tell you.

The bad guys have got to go. They will not go willingly, or peacefully. Election 2024 won’t take care of it, any more than election 2016, 2020 or 2022 did it. Elections no longer work. Trump will almost certainly not win in 2024 and if he somehow does, then — well, all hell will break loose, and we all know it. This is a fact. Show me one fact that contradicts this statement, and then I’ll listen to you. I want to be wrong. But not one fact contradicts what I’m asserting, not in the last few years. Hope is not a fact.



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