Leftists Love America Now — Under Biden — Don’t They?

Why do leftists still not stand for the national anthem? They’ve got Biden. They’ve got Communism. They’ve got unlimited government, unlimited spending, green fascism, medical fascism, a ruined military, and enforced woke-ism.

They’ve got the country they want. So why don’t they want to salute the flag?

On the subject of kneeling for the national anthem and the lesbian athlete (Megan Rapinoe) who won’t do it … Leftists have historically said, “My government does not have a right to make me salute the flag.” That’s true. But these same people who don’t want that government force in one area, such as the flag or national anthem, welcome and applaud government force with regard to tons of other things — participation in Medicare/Social Security (not an option); vax mandates; mask mandates; paying off student loans of strangers; criticizing or questioning transgenders; on and on and on. Leftists welcome force in these areas, but dislike force when it strikes them wrong. They want freedom to smoke pot, mutilate one’s own genitals, call yourself a “he” if you’re a “she”, and to have someone else buy you an abortion. But they don’t seem to value freedom in too many other areas.

Can you name even one other area where leftists WANT freedom? Basically, the leftist idea of freedom is freedom to do whatever they want, and freedom to STOP you from doing anything that you want to do. This isn’t merely hypocrisy; this is the ugliest kind of tyranny. As for standing for the national anthem, we’re not talking about government force when it comes to a private association (such as a sports group you voluntarily enter) requiring you to do this. Regardless, being compelled to salute a flag is meaningless if it’s done against one’s will, or as an unthinking duty. But the same leftists who think they’re taking a principled stand are very happy to impose all kinds of coercion or meaningless duties on the rest of us.



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