Sociopaths and Criminals Don’t Care About Scandals

It’s great to see the conservative media reporting on the Biden scandals. But nobody reads or believes any of it, except for people who read conservative media. And Biden/DemCom supporters don’t care. I believe they really want a one-party tyranny to enforce their twisted beliefs that they rationalize as virtuous. A stock market rigged in their favor will keep them well-off. If they’re not well-off, the government handouts (free college, free medical care, free everything eventually) will take care of them. It’s a magnificently deranged system they have created. Money, virtue, power — all of these things, in the rigged world they have created, are on their side. Rigged education has ensured no fewer than 70 percent of the under 30 crowd are on their side. Environmentalism is literally a religion for them, justifying a level of fascism that will make COVID seem like nothing.

The bad guys are in charge of everything important. So don’t wait for some scandal to blow them out of the water. Too many people who oppose what’s going on think it’s a political or culture war. We lost those wars some time ago. From now on, it’s simply war.



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