If There’s No Rule of Law for Trump, You’re Next

“Rules of law, not a rule of law,” as someone said on a thread about the gathering storm of dictatorship we now face. That was precisely my point, in an earlier post. We have a rule of law, on paper only. In reality, we have no such thing. Unfortunately, in the minds of many who call themselves conservative or Republican, we still do have rule of law, which makes them confident Trump will be brought to justice. By whom? With some things, like the student loan money grab and vax mandates, there was some wearing down on the Biden regime’s edicts, thanks to Trump federal judges. But these judges can only carry him so far. Dozens and dozens of felonies, and probably hundreds to come. Like I said, they’re using our system against us and against Trump, as a gigantic warning to the rest of us who don’t have Trump’s ferocity or funds. They are sending him to jail, and they’re just fine with the destructive effect this will have on our republic.

They are TRYING to destroy our republic. They are TRYING to destroy the middle class and capitalism. They are TRYING to ruin us all so an elite few of them can rule and remain rich. It’s as simple as that. Everything they’re doing is consistent with those goals, and nothing we have done to date has had the slightest impact on stopping them. When they say they want to save “democracy”, they’re talking about their leftist-Communist-RINO-fascist cult having unlimited power, forever. They will make sure Trump dies in jail, and nothing short of a literal revolution or civil war will thwart them (and maybe not even those).



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