America is Now WORSE than a Banana Republic

In a true banana republic, when there’s a coup, the opposition is immediately jailed, if not murdered.

America is different. We have a rule of law. The Constitution was set up to be “a nation of laws, not of men.” It counted on one very important thing: objectivity. So long as most men — especially the men in government — remained intellectually honest and objective, the rule of law could work. When some were dishonest or tried to weaponize the government against personal enemies, the three branches of government were there to protect us, most of the time, in the end. It was assumed there would always be at least two opposing parties, instead of one gigantic Uniparty committed to destruction of the the rights of the citizens.

The moment everything becomes subjective, then all bets are off. That’s what happened in our culture. It started with our culture, and then it ended with the demise of our republic. Yes, we still have a Constitution, but in name only. Clearly, not in practice. If the rule of law were applied objectively, then Donald Trump would never have been indicted 3 times (and counting).

The Biden-RINO regime who controls our government, and the amoral subjectivists who dominate every corner of our culture, have made the Constitution our enemy. How? By pretending to apply the objective rule of law to Trump. Pelosi says it over and over again. “No President is above the law.” What about Biden? “That’s different.” And if you persist, they have Facebook and YouTube to shut you down, pronto.

Objective law requires objective people. In a banana republic, Trump would have been thrown in jail, given a mock trial and then either executed or jailed for life. Under what they still call a Constitution, they’re doing the exact same thing, except in slow motion. Listen to the conversations of your left wing Democrat friends, relatives or associates. Trump cannot be imprisoned soon enough. They’re glad, on the one hand, to have the pretense of the rule of law to put him through this, but they are living for the prospect of seeing Trump in prison.

“It doesn’t matter,” most of the conservatives I know keep saying. “It won’t happen. It can’t happen.” But it’s already happening! They’re using the rule of law embodied in the Constitution and using it to bury the previous President of the United States and the overwhelming front runner for the next election. They’re doing it in the name of the Constitution and the rule of law. And they’re literally making up charges, or else charging him with felonies for things that former presidents going back to Reagan (at least) have been known to do, and things that former vice presidents (including Biden, and even Trump’s own vice president, Pence) have openly done.

This is not objective. This is not the rule of law. This is not due process. They’re clearly doing it to destroy a significant political opponent who, in a fair and honest election, would likely defeat their candidate this year. This is the stuff of banana republics. Only much worse. In a banana republic, there’s no pretense. In a banana republic, there was no history, and no heritage, of a nation once ruled by objective laws, rather than by men. America is squandering it by what’s being done to Trump, no matter how you feel about Trump. “It’s only because of Trump. After this, it won’t happen again.” B.S.! Once it’s done, the precedent is set, and America will never be the same.

America, under Biden’s DemComs and the thoroughly dishonest culture (especially the media) have made a mockery of the Constitution, set it on fire, and turned it against the good people of this country. That’s an act of insurrection if ever there was one. And yet, as of now, they continue to get away with it.


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