The Absurdity of an “Election” in 2024

From the American Thinker:

Are electoral outcomes predetermined? Are voting machines still connected to the internet? Will thousands of undeliverable ballots be harvested by postal workers, delivered to unknown locations, to be filled out by Democrat operatives and delivered to selected precincts, and run through vote tabulators multiple times until the preordained candidate takes the lead?

Democrats aren’t even concerned about the 2024 election. Biden has few campaign workers and no headquarters. Why should he? He already has the necessary votes, as he did in 2020, and is confident that his vote tally will exceed that of any opponent. For Democrats, the fix is in, the campaign is theater. Has Trump or the GOP fixed anything since 2020, effecting a different outcome?

Or will elections even happen? Will there be a false flag event leading to delayed or canceled elections for “public safety”? We are on the verge of nuclear war with Russia. How many pathogens, developed in America’s vast international network of 300+ biolabs, are ready to be unleashed on America and the world, requiring draconian lockdowns and travel restrictions, closing society North Korea-style, making elections “too risky”?

Who, if elected, can turn the tide against a tyrannical government?


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