Why We Are Presently LOSING Every Battle — and the War — With Leftist Totalitarians

When the Republicans have a slight majority in the U.S. House, we sit through hearings on how evil the FBI is — while the FBI continues to do whatever the hell it wants to whomever it wishes. Two years ago, when the Democrats had a slight majority in the U.S. House, we sat through hearings claiming the FBI is a force for good fighting the allegedly evil Donald Trump on January 6 — while the FBI did whatever it wanted, to whomever it wished.

I am sick of the game. Aren’t you? Its time to abolish the FBI, defund and disempower all who support it, arrest and prosecute the guilty parties at the top, and reassert the rights of the individual over all forms of tyranny known to man. By whatever means necessary.

I’ve read that if you toy with a rattlesnake, if you agitate it without destroying it, then it will subsequently rise up and poison you with twice the original force. Sadly, that’s what Trump did with the Establishment and leftists. He showed them a little mercy and restraint, legally if not verbally during his 4 years in office, but leftists possess neither mercy nor restraint. If you think you can now come around and destroy evil of that magnitude through polite and legal means — as in an election, rigged by the very parties hellbent on annihilating you — that you will defeat them in a war of words when they gladly will use guns, prisons, and arbitrary legal processes in a thoroughly weaponized joke of a “judicial” system — well, all I can say is that you’re terribly, catastrophically wrong.

The whole Establishment — leftists, RINOS, corporate and celebrity culture, academic and pseudoscientific hacks subsidized by billions of dollars of other people’s (or nonexistent) money — all of them — are at war with us, not just with the average individual, but with the rights of the individual as such. They are at war, and they are dropping (for now, merely metaphorical) nuclear bombs on us with relentless, ruthless, unblinking, unwavering clarity. And all we show them in return? “We’ll beat you in this next election! Trump’ll get you!”

Good grief. I can’t believe I am having to watch a spectacle of self-destruction this futile.



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