The Biden Regime and America 2023: Like Bad Fiction

We know where the drugs in the White House are coming from. Good grief; it’s obvious. They’re a crime family. Crime is stressful. Criminals need drugs to cope with their insane lives. Hunter is probably hooked on things you have never heard of. What’s most remarkable to me? Nothing kills these people. They just keep existing, and we’re forced to watch them play out the American version of Caligula and Claudius combined.

The bigger question: Why are we allowed to even know all this? Why does the equivalent of state-run media keep reporting on drugs in the White House? To me, that’s obvious too. It’s their way of making even more brazenly obvious what we already know: The laws do not apply to them. Laws are for the little people. The sociopathic oligarchs are giving us the middle finger, and we continue to take it.

If we can’t have a second American Revolution, I am all for a French Revolution. Google Marie Antoinette. We are dealing with the most smug, depraved, grotesque mentally and morally disfigured people who ever held power anywhere. It’s not only the Bidens. It’s everyone around them.

You could not have written this — everything that’s going on today, not just politically, but culturally– as fiction. It would have been rightly condemned as cheap and trivial. To think that America, founded by the likes of Washington, Jefferson and Madison has come to THIS is too incomprehensible to articulate.

Shame on those of us who are afraid to speak up and simply state the obvious. Do you love your children and grandchildren? Do you think when they’re living in the squalor, impoverishment and utter despair of totalitarian socialism in 30 years, that they’ll wonder why you didn’t try to stop it?



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