Leftist Progressives: The Very Definition of Racism

When will leftist “progressives” understand? Racism exists whenever you elevate race to the most important standard.

In South Africa’s apartheid and the Jim Crow South, racists decided that whites were superior to blacks, and that the law must dictate their prejudice accordingly. Today, progressive racists have decided that all whites (minus progressive elites, of course) are — by nature — racist and evil, and therefore must be kept from making decisions about whom to hire, let into school, etc.

In each case — apartheid South Africa or America 2023 — race is made into the most important issue. Leftists cannot hide behind the fact that they’re not Jim Crow or apartheid racists to justify and excuse their racism.

Of course, understanding is not their concern. By now, it’s easy to see that leftists are in search of totalitarian control. COVID fascism and now green totalitarianism prove it.

Control freaks and abusers have always understood that the best way to control people is to reduce them to neurotic guilt. “You’re a bad person. Now you must do what I say as a way to repent.” The majority of whites have — apparently — been convinced that they’re bad people. They continue to go along to get along, doing what their leftist Mother Superiors tell them they must do. “You’ve benefited from unearned liberty,” they’re told; “so now you’ve got to give up your liberty as punishment.”

Modern-day totalitarians are simply doing what abusive people have always done: tried to control their victims through imposing unearned guilt. Where unearned guilt doesn’t work, you can rest assured they will use guns, force, prisons, concentration camps, gulags, social media jails … whatever it takes. But they’d rather start with guilt. It’s cheaper and — more importantly — it makes them seem like the good guys and the rest of us like the ignorant and morally challenged.

It’s so obvious. And yet it’s so sickening, because so many seem to fall for it. Or at least succumb to it. No Supreme Court decision, however laudable, can address this deeper problem. The Progressive-RINO-elitist Establishment is using the Supreme Court decision outlawing affirmative action in certain cases as more of a club to make us feel guilty for being racists and white supremacists (their term, by the way, even for black people who reject affirmative action and other racist policies).

Until we become convinced that we are guilty of NOTHING by being white — any more than we’re guilty of something by being black, or brown — they’re going to devour our freedom and turn us into the monster State we’re rapidly becoming.

If you wanted to keep black people down, affirmative action would be your means. It advertises the false, racist belief that people of a certain race cannot achieve on their own, so they must have society rigged in their favor. I challenge you to find any past advocate of Jim Crow or apartheid who ever suggested anything less racist than that.



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