Not My July 4th

I will always celebrate the Declaration of Independence and the individual rights it championed on July 4, 1776. But I refuse to pretend we’re now living in a free republic with a Bill of Rights. Quite the opposite. We are an OCCUPIED country. We are less free than the American colonies on the original July 4, and it’s getting worse each passing day.

The best way to honor the Constitution is to defy, resist, disobey and openly scorn the nasty totalitarians ruining our country, systematically and gleefully; the twisted morons who stamp and spit on that Constitution daily, without a shred of accountability. Resist and defy to whatever degree you can rationally tolerate. Even passive resistance means something.

Nobody embodies the spirit of ’76 less than the sociopaths, control freaks, psychopaths, sadists, fools and parasites who dominate our government, our universities, our media and our entire culture. They’re truly a malignancy. So please: don’t empower and elevate them by pretending that we are still the free country we once were. If you engage in the pretense that these idiots care anything about liberty, you hand them an utterly undeserved victory while participating in your own destruction.



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