“Student Loan Forgiveness” is Involuntary Servitude

A “student loan forgiveness plan,” stripped to its essence: The government holds up people at gunpoint. The victims held at gunpoint either never went to college, or paid for their own college tuition. Now, they are forced to RETROACTIVELY pay for the college tuition of those unwilling or unable to do so, based on the excuse of a mostly nonfatal outbreak of the flu 3 years earlier utilized by the same government as an excuse to shut down the world for 2 years and jab them with (at best) ineffective faux vaccines and (at worst) toxic brews for which the manufacturers will never be legally or morally held accountable.

And now, slapped down by the Supreme Court shaped mostly by Donald Trump, the loathsome Biden regime is on to the next manipulation. There is ALWAYS a next one.



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