The People Who “Support” Black Americans Are the Ones Destroying Them

Consider the facts:

Blacks killing blacks in urban Baltimore.

Black people rotting in government-subsidized, government-run housing projects — surrounded by drugs, embedded in misery — since the 1960s … that’s 60 years!!

Affirmative action policies designed on the assumption that black people cannot survive in a free market or exercise any responsibility at all.

Erosion / elimination of the middle class through hyperinflation, arbitrary lockdowns and market interference designed to increase the cost of fuel, something that will hit black people — as a group, economically speaking — first and hardest.

Gun control that keeps peaceful, law-abiding black people — who, as a group, live in the highest crime areas — from defending themselves against those who intimidate and control through violence.

The systematic, ruthless eradication of Donald Trump (47 more manufactured indictments coming from the Biden regime soon), both as a person and a candidate, seeing to it that he dies in jail as a lesson to anyone who attempts his policies again — mildly conservative policies that contributed to the greatest improvement in the standard of living for blacks seen in many decades, or perhaps ever before in America, in 3 short years (prior to the COVID lockdowns).

Need I go on?

It seems to me that if you were really NOT a racist, and if you really felt empathy for black people in America, as a group, then you would be alarmed by the blatant, brazen and continuing — spectacular — failure of all of these policies.

And yet … they clamor for more. The people who CLAIM to put the interests of black Americans are the very ones screaming the loudest, manipulating the media and rigging the elections … these are the people who are destroying black people in America.

Ask yourself: If Jim Crow were alive today, would he support the Democrats or the advocates of liberty and freedom? If he wished to keep black people down, would he vote for more affirmative action, or less; more government-run slums, or fewer; more gun control, or less; more capitalism, or more middle-class destroying socialism?

How can you claim not to be a racist when you support these policies, despite decades of obvious failure for the people you claim they’re intended? Is it possible that you’re really that stupid? Or is it something more sinister?

How can you call anyone who wishes these policies to end a racist?

YOU’RE the one harming black people, if you’re a leftist or if you support or vote for leftists; not the people who want the destruction to stop.

Freedom is nothing to be afraid of: And this is the truth that American leftists — the Communists, the fascists, the totalitarians of our era — want to conceal.



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