Ireland Will Now Arrest You for Non-Woke Literature Inside Your House

Ireland is preparing to pass legislation that imprisons you for a year if you’re caught having “hateful” literature in your home.

“Hateful” is defined as any speech that makes any member of a legally protected class feel uncomfortable.

“If you make me uncomfortable, I am calling the police.” Ireland is a Western country, and it used to be free. Where will the dissenting Irish run? Not to America. Not to China. Not to Russia, not to Iran. Not to Canada, Australia. Not to wildly woke Great Britain, where the Conservative Party governs like AOC.

There is nowhere left to run.


In other horrifying news, from Breitbart: Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen spoke to Breitbart News Saturday morning and told us that armed IRS agents rolled into Great Falls’ Highwood Creek Outfitters Wednesday and seized dozens of boxes of ATF form 4473s, the background check form containing information on gun purchasers. The agents hit the store prior to regular business hours, KRTV reported.

Store owner Tom Van Hoose said, “At 7:30, I came in and they pulled in behind me with 20 heavily armed agents.”

So much for the Republican House of Representatives helping us out with the IRS. Civil war or dictatorship. Not a pretty choice, but it’s your choice.

Where will you run if things keep getting worse? They’re getting worse everywhere — Ireland, the USA, Europe, Canada. Like I said, there is nowhere left to run.


Not that long ago our country watched thousands of people take to the street because they were upset about the death of a few people, and they felt they were being treated unfairly.

Today, we are all watching the death of our entire “nation.” The very country we all grew up in is being slowly taken away [by] unjust laws, crooked politicians & the highest Law Agency & Attorney General being weaponized against anyone who dares question their authority. Yet, as of today, with even the past President of the Untied States & others, being threatened with prosecution & possible prison … Not one American has taken to the street. Not one organization has assembled, in a peace[ful] & legal assembly, in protest. Many talk, but, as of today, nothing!

Robert Murphy, in a posting on Facebook



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