Good, Evil and the 2024 Election

Newsmax reports that Donald Trump is holding a 6-point lead over Biden in a 2024 rematch, despite President Trump’s recent arrest and indictment for holding documents after leaving office.

The lead is probably much bigger. But it doesn’t matter. Nothing is in place to stop the ballot fraud we saw in 2020. The federal government — DOJ, FBI — is now weaponized against Trump. He will be spending most of the next two years in courtrooms, and possibly will die in prison. The creepy, demented creature on the right and his sociopathic relatives will be dropped back in the White House for another term, until Harris or Buttigieg get their turn to play little Caligula or Nero. Whatever the solution to all this, I am 100 percent certain it’s not business as usual.

Today’s tyrannical cabal/regime, headed by the ruins of the American republic, is far worse than any organization of mobsters. They possess a weaponry and military unparalleled in all of human history, built up by the blood and brains of free men who gave it all away to these monstrous, grotesque, moronic twits. The twits enjoy (if only by default) unchallenged moral and physical authority from hapless, ignorant masses who believe the propaganda their media spews out, even when common sense and simple, glaring facts refute it.

The twits in charge are worse than the Hitlers, Stalins or slave masters of bygone eras. Why? Because they face virtually no opposition. No army, no widespread political or social movement, no intellectual establishment or media apparatus stands ready to defeat them. The closest is the MAGA movement headed by Trump, a man they intend to weigh down with legal battles and ultimately imprison, and a man already once defeated by fraudulent election schemes unopposed by any legal or journalistic source in society. Even without those literally impossible obstacles, Trump has no army, and when he did serve as commander in chief, he never enjoyed the control we thought he had. By the time Trump was sworn in, as we now can see, it was already too late. The top generals, thanks largely to Obama, had turned.

I believe the present tyrants, while so obviously unintelligent, scheming, arrogant, smug, immature and even psychopathic, because of their immense storehouse of power and total absence of any plausible opposition to defeat them, will end up as the perpetrators of the greatest destruction in all of world history. They hold ALL of the cards. And they intend to mercilessly play each and every one of them. Just observe them now. Look at what they’re doing to Trump, or any voice of dissension.

UNLESS the good guys rise up and roar with the force of a trillion nuclear bombs. With massive resistance. With utter destabilization of the illegitimate authorities aiming to literally ruin all our lives and make billions of dollars doing it. Now is the time to become as defiant as hell, tens of millions of us, all at the same time. Just resist, resist, resist. Stop pretending things are other than the way they so obviously are, where in America — of all places! — we now weaponize our legal system to thwart political opponents.

Is anybody awake yet? Or do you still think some Soviet-style, Mao-inspired, Hitleresque rigged election will save you from it all?

I am still waiting for the good guys to wake up and get madder than hell. I hope there still are good guys.

The moral is the practical. So good will overcome evil. But ONLY when the good guys wake up. After 3 years of a relentless, unwavering and unequivocal attack on reason, decency and freedom, the good guys who still exist are hiding in the shadows. I don’t know if there is anything people won’t take.



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