“Climate Change” is Deeper — and Worse — than a Hoax

A meme says the following:

Climate change — the made up catastrophe used by globalists to instill fear and guilt so they can tax, regulate and remove our freedoms while pretending to be saving the planet.

One reader responds, “I’m dismayed that so many don’t seem to realize this.”

My reply: “Climate change” is an urban/suburban, postmodern religion for people who have no other religion, no philosophy, no ideas, no ideals of any kind, other than unarticulated, undigested ones that involve hatred of capitalism, freedom and all the things that go with them — with their sensing, correctly, that the green movement will obliterate all that. Psychologically, it makes sense that the vast majority of young people would fall for this. They’re profoundly lost.

The Biden regime is a rogue government. When it comes to climate change or anything else, treat it accordingly. In a country with a history of freedom, mass passive resistance and, as much as possible, noncompliance can be a very powerful thing. They can’t arrest everyone.



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