The Problem With Trump’s “Final Battle”

Trump promises a “final battle” to eradicate the political class and Deep State once and for all. I certainly support the goal. But how can we accomplish this without defunding the agencies who comprise the Deep State — in other words, most of the federal government as we know it? Also, there will need to be arrests and charges made against nearly all the federal officials now arresting and charging Trump. Who will arrest and charge them? If Trump were able and willing to do this, wouldn’t he have done it back in 2017 or 2020?

The tragic reality here is that our federal government is no longer in any way connected to the Constitutional republic founded back in 1776 and 1787. We can’t use the existing regime to wipe itself out. Tyrants don’t respond to the rule of law. And an illegitimate government will not shut itself down. We now can see how bad our government is; it predates Trump and perhaps Obama, too.

How can Trump or any one person reform what has been corrupted beyond redemption? You didn’t reform Hitler’s regime; you smashed it. You didn’t reform the Soviet Union; you basically starved it and frightened it to death with a nuclear arms race. The American regime faces NO opposition with any kind of teeth. We’re forced to watch helplessly as they tear our republic, our values and our rights limb by limb, sneering and laughing as they do so.

The Biden regime and all it represents — a metasticized tyranny built up over decades and now finally showing its true dark nature — can’t be reformed or voted out of office. The Deep State is not going anywhere.

I don’t claim to know the answer. But I do know for certain: No election will save us at this point. Once we accept this difficult truth, the way will be clear to figure out how to destroy this evil occupation of America.



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