“God is in Control”

“God is in control,” say some.

Actually, the people who THINK they are God are the ones in control — jabbing us, taxing us, inflating our currency, making us pretend to believe that A is non-A, and that drag queens make a formidable fighting force. If you believe the actual God will strike them down, you would have to ignore the thousands of years of human history where bad guys prevailed–not in the end, necessarily, but prevailed enough to kill millions and millions, as Hitler, Stalin and Mao famously did. What we have now are an even more stupidly virulent form of Hitler and Mao with one crucial difference: No America or comparatively free Western world to defeat them.

America is now run by the bad guys. And there are no good guys, not in power, at least–not anywhere. The “free world” is governed by tyrants. It’s a lot to absorb. But absorb it we must.

Believe in God, or don’t believe in God. That’s up to you. But if there is a God, that doesn’t guarantee the absence of bloodshed. Human history is soaked in bloodshed of innocent people. If you think America, now overrun by narcissistic, toxic, irredeemably creepy, nihilistic blockheads is somehow immune to all this, I will have some of what you’re smoking.



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