Democrats WILL Jail Trump, Republicans WILL NOT Impeach Biden

Impeaching Biden should be a no-brainer. There’s way more than enough evidence of criminal felonies, to say nothing of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Anything to paralyze this horrific train wreck of a presidency constitutes a patriotic act. Just paralyze him. Force his henchpersons to focus on an impeachment trial instead of the annihilation of what’s left of America. And even if the Senate removed him from office (they won’t), then begin the process over with Kamala. This is war.

Impeachment should have begun on Day One of the new House of Representatives. It will never happen.

Republicans have no balls, but worse than that: They have no moral strength. None. They are the worst sort of cowards. Trump is taking the hit for them, and they are all worse than worthless powder puffs.

The fall of a civilization is an excruciating thing to watch. Wiser souls than anyone alive today saw this coming decades ago. We are succumbing to unworthy adversaries, and have even less worthy defenders.



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