The One Fatal Flaw of Democratic Party Totalitarians

Democrat Communists are presently winning every battle and the war. But like all sociopaths, they possess one fatal weakness. In order to succeed, they count on the naivete, honest ignorance and also stupidity of their victims. This means they conquer from a position of weakness. The more they win, the weaker they are.

It’s especially dangerous for them if the fury seething in the hearts, minds and bodies of millions of Americans who detest all that’s happening is ever unleashed. I hope to live to see it unleashed. It may not be pretty, but neither is the spectacle of a conquered, formerly free nation.

In the end, people who want to be free will ultimately be free. Tragically, we have turned the keys to the kingdom over to tyrants, and we’ll have to pay the price. Trump’s indictment, arrest and (my prediction) forthcoming imprisonment serves as a metaphor for the fate of all Americans and freedom itself for the republic and Bill of Rights we chose to let go of.

“Why are Republicans selling us out?” asks a reader of this post.

Money, mostly. Artificial feelings of power by being able to enter the Imperial City. Cocktail parties, status-inducing schools for their kids. Human beings have not yet figured out how to separate government and power from free enterprise and free thought. America came so close, for a time. And the results were spectacular. Yet clearly, we blew it. The blueprint was provided by our once great nation and it will be there for the future.



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