If You Think Biden is the Lesser of Two Evils, Something is Wrong With You

I understand why leftists want Trump in jail. I have known leftists personally, and I have seen their vitriolic hatred up close. They want anyone who isn’t a leftist in a jail, if not a concentration camp. Trump, although his platform was the same as a Bush or a Romney, meant what he said, improved the country, and for that they will never forgive him. Because it makes them look bad.

It’s the Republicans, conservatives, libertarians and Ayn Randian “Objectivists” who want Trump in jail that I don’t understand. To hear them tell it, they’d rather America sink into a Communist, fascist totalitarian nightmare than endure the superior policies of a pragmatic Republican who clearly loves America. They give Democrats endless benefit of the doubt as they openly collude with Facebook and Google to censor us, coerce experimental jabs on us, fuse government and corporations with an authoritarian fury that would make Medievalists blush and shame dissenters with a toxic verbiage that would even be too much for an ayatollah. Trump did NONE of these things. Yet people who claim to love liberty choose the people who actually DO these things over Trump? This cannot be a morally innocent mistake.

I understand that leftists and Democrats SO loathe America that they seek to destroy us in a protracted, sociological murder-suicide. I hate them for it, but I recognize it’s a fact. I do not understand why people who claim to love liberty, reason, the Constitution and individual rights are prepared to hand us over to villains so evil that they may surpass the worst slaughters of Hitler and Stalin combined. To me, these sanctimonious and hypocritical enablers of human annihilation are worse than the destroyers themselves.



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