Why is “Died Suddenly in His Sleep” Now a Daily Event?

Actor Mike Batayeh died in his sleep from a heart attack at his Michigan home on June 1, a rep confirmed to E! News. He was 52. Mike’s sister Diane told TMZ that his death was very sudden and that he didn’t have a history of heart issues. [MSN]

I loved “Breaking Bad,” as did many. My point in posting this: I have read the same lines OVER AND OVER, often about celebrities I have never heard of, and I am hearing more and more cases like this about non-celebrities, too. “So-and-so died in his sleep from a heart attack. Death was very sudden and there was no history of heart issues.” I can finish the sentences before reading them, it has become so frequent.

What’s going on? Isn’t it worthwhile for a journalist or scientist to investigate? To hypothesize and support or refute hypotheses? Isn’t that what journalists always used to do — especially when it might make either the government or a billion dollar corporation look bad?

Like I posted yesterday, I now grasp easily, fully and with unencumbered psychological force what it was like to live during Nazi Germany and to be intellectually honest. We are in truly dark times, and I believe they will get much darker because the level of intellectual dishonesty, ignorance, and widespread irrational desire not to rock the boat is pathological.



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