Don’t Like Trump or DeSantis? Consider RFK, Jr.

Another positive for RFK, Jr. He claims, at least, that he does not want guns banned. In today’s totalitarian Democratic Party this is heresy as bad as Trump. If Kennedy can gain any traction at all in undercutting Biden, it will make the elites insane.

So if you don’t want Trump or DeSantis, join the Democratic Party and vote for Kennedy. It’s too late to save America through any electoral process, because the system is rigged beyond repair.

Biden WILL be reinstalled, or some other horrific puppet like Harris or Buttigieg will be, if Biden finally and mercifully keels over.

But at least go down fighting, and make the leftists froth at the mouth even more. Questioning their precious vaccines (as Kennedy has vigorously done) drives them mad, and it’s fun to watch.



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