How Republicans Fight & Why They Always Lose

How Republicans fight: we might charge FBI Director Christopher Wray with contempt of Congress and then it will go to AG Merrick Garland who will dismiss it anyway.

How Democrats fight: you’re in prison for 18 years under a Civil War statute we revived specifically to get you when you haven’t committed any actual crimes.

How Republicans select a leader: let’s all tear chunks out of our most popular candidate repeating everything our enemies say about him.

How Democrats select a leader: This is your leader. He’s a vegetable and shits himself. We know that every single one of you will back him 100% at all times even if he shits on your leg.

How Republicans organise: let’s spend 20 or 30 years giving money to the same candidates who never do anything.

How Democrats organise: We’ve turned everything from the American Chamber of Commerce to the NFL and every clothing brand into cheerleaders for Satan. You won’t find a single body or institution small enough that we haven’t turned it into a mouthpiece, purchased it or subverted it. The Alaskan Jam Makers Confederation is on our side. We control the election process and the FBI and we invent crazy shit like Diversity Equity and Inclusion and make it a checklist of things every company has to do to be allowed to exist.

How far Republicans will go: I’ll march right into that PTA meeting and give them a piece of my mind.

How far Democrats will go: Shoot the bitch in the neck while she’s unarmed and stuck in a window then celebrate the murder as the rescue of Democracy.

– Daniel Jupp

Via Richard Ruggiero (on Facebook)



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