What Would an Occupation Force in America Do Differently?

“If a hostile power were secretly influencing US foreign and domestic policy in order to weaken us and our war-making capacity, what would it be seeking that is different from what is currently being pursued?”

— Thomas Lifson, American Thinker

What if I had told you, back in 2019, the following things:

In 2020, the government will declare an outbreak of the flu — little worse than any we’ve seen in recent decades — a national emergency and shut down the entire economy. Everyone will literally be under house arrest for anywhere from 3 months to a year or longer, depending on where they live.

In 2020, the media will in effect declare a national emergency after the killing of a black man by a white cop in Minnesota, an unfortunate but not significantly different incident from what we have sometimes seen in the past. The media and top government officials will in effect declare a racial war, even though most citizens don’t want such a thing. All of America’s major cities will break out in riots, sometimes orchestrated by anti-America groups funded by leftist billionaires like George Soros, and the police will obediently stand down as businesses and homes are set on fire, and cities like Seattle are literally paralyzed by looters and filthy renegades camping on the streets of civilization. The media will report that there’s nothing to see here, that the protests are all 100 percent peaceful while buildings burn and collapse on camera. It makes Orwell seem tame.

In the 2020 election, President Trump will be ahead of the Democrat just as he was in 2016. Suddenly, in key swing districts that Trump won in 2016 and appears to be winning again, the voting will shut down. Because of the pandemic that still has most of the country shut down, mail-in ballots must be counted at the last minute. Conveniently, nearly all the mail-in ballots are for the Democrat. So when you go to bed election night, it looks like Trump got his second term; when you wake up the next morning, Biden has pulled ahead by a few thousand votes in key swing districts of Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona. In Atlanta and Philadelphia, nobody will be allowed to watch the counting. The election is over. Evidence of massive fraud exists, but the Supreme Court (aside from Clarence Thomas) refuses even to consider it, the media refuses to talk about it and social media shuts down the accounts not only of President Trump, but of anyone who questions the election results and tactics.

The new president, demented and goofy, is sworn into office in 2021 in what looks like a military lockdown of a third world country. He then signs a host of unconstitutional executive orders forcing citizens to take experimental vaccines hurriedly manufactured by companies exempt from legal liability for their products. He openly allies with Twitter and Facebook to suppress the views of doctors or anyone else who questions his medical orders, and censorship in alliance with the federal government now becomes routine in the United States of America.

You know the rest.

If I had told you all this in 2019 — a mere 4 years ago — you would have either said I’m crazy, or that the United States sounds like an occupied country.

Yet here we are. The things I just detailed now seem like ancient history as we go from horror show to freak show to horror show again. It’s endless.

If the Nazis or the Soviets or the mullahs had managed to invade America and take over the seat of government, what would they have done differently from the Biden regime and the people Biden answers to?

The people that some of us have actually elected into office are initiating and participating in the overt, willful destruction of our republic, our homes, our lives and our once great cities. They do it without wavering and often with glee. No occupying enemy would have done anything differently. And perhaps the worst part: An occupation force like the Nazis or Communists would have met with some opposition. Half the country applauds this destruction and the other half either falls into a lulled sense of denial and/or a fear of offending their leftist relatives, colleagues or fellow citizens. In a word: cowardice.

Historians, social psychologists and other honest intellectuals (if they exist) will have quite a field day, in the future, dissecting what happened to the greatest experiment in liberty and freedom mankind has ever known — and what error or flaw in human nature or thinking destroyed it all.



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