Marxism on a Champagne Budget

Think about it. People with WAY more money than you or I will likely ever have are preaching to you about the evils of money. They tell you to stop using fossil fuels — in fact, they’re ordering you to do so by 2030 — and instead utilize impossibly expensive technology which THEY can afford and you cannot.

We live in the age of wealthy Marxists. It’s so easy to be a Marxist when you’re AOC or Bernie Sanders, or Mark Zuckerberg, or Jeff Bezos or Warren Buffet living off the fruits and remnants of capitalism while condemning their inferiors to a life of drudgery and despair.

I read just yesterday that there are fewer billionaires in America and the Western world. The existing ones — the Zuckerbergs, the Bidens, the Clintons, the Hollywood narcissists, the IQ-challenged and/or drug-addled sports and rock celebrities — will do just fine. But thanks to the cremation of our for-profit economy, there will be fewer new billionaires created, because there will be less wealth in the society in general. This means fewer jobs, fewer investments that indirectly benefit others and — most importantly — less and less of a middle class.

They’re selling most of you on socialism (without calling it that) because they’re inciting envy, and they’re hoping you’ll conclude (as most of you have) that, “All these billionaires out there and I’m not one — that’s unfair!” So what you end up doing, by supporting the Bidens and AOCs of the world (their policies are identical), is freezing the existing billionaires in place; ruling out new ones; and taking yourself out of the middle class. This is what it means to become Venezuela.

America is dying by death of a thousand cuts. I see no opposition, and everything is pointed in one direction: economic totalitarianism. Once the middle class is gone, overt censorship, gun confiscation and all the rest will come easy.

No election is going to save you from all this. If you don’t know that by now, you haven’t been watching the Republican Party lie its way into office for decades — and now, because of brazenly organized voter fraud — they can’t even do that. You have to become a radical for capitalism, individual rights and the kind of freedom that gave birth to America. Don’t ask me how — figure it out yourself! We all have to do it. If you cannot or will not do it, then you get the honor of being the generation that lost the American republic and the last best hope of earth.



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