The Fall of America

Sometimes the symbolism is the reality. This once great nation is so screwed. We’re paying for the generations-long error of letting the government grow way beyond its base. It could still be reversed, perhaps, but the majority are too ignorant, or too afraid, to tackle the problem head-on. So we’re falling.

“Biden got confused at multiple points, not knowing which way to go or where to sit. At another point, he claimed that he once applied to the academy himself. No record exists of any such application, though he has previously claimed that he received an appointment. That also has never been substantiated.

The president wasn’t done making news, though. Later in the ceremony, he got up to walk off the stage and took a massive fall, leaving Secret Service members scrambling to help him. Consider this a fair warning that the video is painful to watch.” [from Red State, 6-1-23]

When your elderly relative falls, it may mean asisted living is necessary. And surely they’re not fit to be the U.S. President.

Speaking of America’s fall …

Raising the debt limit is an open confession by Congress that they NEVER intend to lower the debt.

Why not cut government 25 percent now and pay down the debt with the savings? Start with the FBI, CDC, NPR, DEA, BATF, EPA, IRS, Dept. of Education, Dept. of Engery, Dept. of Commerce?



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