Republicans Are Losers

Republicans claim the IRS will not receive the 87,000 new, armed tax agents and that the IRS will even be cut by billions more in coming years. Democrats (according to AP News) claim that some of the money has already been spent, and more of it can be spent by the IRS before the impact of this new budget cut for the IRS takes effect. It’s hard to know what the real truth is, because in the Imperial City, reality/facts are always negotiable, and each party wants to impress its supporters to get more money and power — which is really all any of them care about.

My best guess — based on nearly 100 percent of past and recent experience — is that the IRS will come out stronger than ever. When you take a swat at an evil beast, and you miss your target, claiming that you got the target doesn’t change the facts. The biggest example of this was Trump’s departure from office after 4 years of taking swipes at the Deep State. Following Trump’s departure, the Deep State and the fascist-Communist-like occupation of our federal government is nastier and meaner than ever — only they’re more open about it now. They’re basically laughing at us. “Ha ha; you couldn’t get your action hero Trump to make a dent; now we’ll show you what a totalitarian deep state is REALLY like.”

The only way to get rid of an evil empire is to decisively defeat it; to annihilate it. To get rid of it so it cannot come back, like was done to the Japanese and Hitler’s Nazis back in World War II; and, in a different way, to the Soviet Union when it was brought down by the USA and Great Britain in the 1980s.

So long as the paper tigers we call Republicans keep claiming to be big and tough while doing little to defeat the bad guys, we’re only going to see the bad guys get stronger and stronger.

Can’t you see the pattern? It’s so easy to see, because it’s always the same.



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