More Evidence America Needs a Divorce

Openly Communist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) simply called on Democrats in Congress to ignore the debt ceiling. This is her answer for everything. If you don’t like a law or procedure — just do away with it. So long as it serves the Marxist-fascist cause.

Being lectured by AOC on fiscal responsibility is like watching the Titanic sink from a lifeboat and hearing one of the illiterate kitchen maids sternly remind you of your manners while on board a great ship.

In a twisted way, the twit is right. Since all we have is fiat currency unhinged from a gold standard or any other market-based objective standard, why bother with a debt limit? The government can simply use the Federal Reserve to “print” or create more money. On our present premises, the government might as well just give everyone $15 trillion per year. On our present course, our glorified Monopoly game money will be worthless, once inflation and hyperinflation ruin it. One way or another, you, I or our children will — before much longer– be starting over. For details, check out Venezuela today, or the 1930s Weimar republic shortly before the election of Hitler.

My solution to the debt: DEFUND the federal government. Shut it down. Return power to the states & the people. We’ve had enough.

You can’t reconcile totalitarian government with economic freedom. America needs a divorce.



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