There’s No Limit to What Leftists Are Capable Of

Stupid and scared. Now that they know this, just watch what they have in store for us.

Dems didn’t lose debt battle. They are winning everything. And with election fraud, they will get MUCH more. Don’t believe it.



Good grief. Leftists say you’re evil and immoral if you oppose open borders and unlimited welfare spending. When the migrants show up in NYC, they try sending them to the NY suburbs. When the suburbs make it illegal to subsidize them, NYC leftists call them immoral.

And then they applaud themselves while placing them in Harlem jails. Leftists–and the people who support them– are morally inverted, psychologically twisted and just plain stupid.


Hard-core leftists (who run almost all of the government and all of the culture) still demand defunding the police. Yet they seek a police state. They want FEDERAL police to arrest Donald Trump, intimidate/unlawfully imprison January 6 and other entirely peaceful protesters, and they want armed IRS agents (86K of them) to harass and impoverish what’s left of America’s middle class.

That’s why people who love liberty must demand that Republicans totally defund the FBI, the IRS, the BATF and all other federal policing agencies now. This “debt compromise” is a joke. We need a revolution. Now. We need to stop funding or supporting the federal regime that stopped being a Constitutional republic some time ago. We need to stop financing our own destruction.


An Atlanta company (Lululemon) fired two employees for calling the police on two robbers who stole from the business. The company won’t say why they fired them, other than to say it was for their own protection, according to stories at Fox Business and the New York Post. It’s clear that the company was more angry with the employees for calling the police than they were with robbers who stole from their business.

This is what I mean when I say we’re living in morally inverted times. Everything is so absurd, so backwards and so utterly implausible. And everyone knows it. But nobody will say it. And on the rare occasion when they do — well, they’re fired. Or punished in some other way.

Civilizations do not survive this way. You are literally living in the collapse of Western civilization. Or any civilization.



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