Why “Don’t End Friendships Over Politics” Is No Longer Correct

We’re told not to end friendships or break family ties “just because of politics.”

OK, then how about this:

Your leftist friends and family want you to starve, freeze to death or die of the heat due to the elimination of fossil fuels. They want you to walk or get a horse and buggy if you can’t afford a $50K or $100K electric car by 2030. They want you to spend 90 percent of your week working to support a 30 year old living in his parents’ basement playing video games and wanking off to porn. They want you to endure hyperinflation so immigrants who fled Venezuela because of hyperinflation can now experience it here, while staying for free in former luxury hotels and flying for free first class in luxury airplanes paid for by YOU while you get to live like those immigrants did back in Venezuela.

They want you to be censored on Facebook and YouTube, pay way higher taxes, be regulated into oblivion with rules that contradict each other and rules that THEY, as good progressive Democrats, do not have to follow. They want you to face the full wrath of the FBI if you take any political position they don’t like. They want you prosecuted with a felony if you call the man next door wearing a dress a man, when he decides one day he’s really a woman. They want you to face felony charges for this while rapists, shoplifters and murderers are let go to satisfy government racial quotas for prisons. They want you to subsidize multiple million dollar payments to EACH member of a politically protected racial class to which you do not belong. And they want you to obey ANY medical directives the government deems to be for the common good, while being forced to pay for the abortions of strangers. They don’t want you to have a viable alternative in any election and they don’t want you to complain about it.

When you focus on the actual facts, this is exactly what your leftist and Democratic friends and family support. Do you still wish to consider them loved ones?



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