Google Celebrates Native American Lesbians

In case you’re wondering why Google searches treated you to this image [left] yesterday, check this out from

You don’t have to be an American Indian lesbian who identifies as gender non-conforming (you call it “trans,” we call it “two-spirit”) to enjoy the Google Doodle of Cameron. But it couldn’t hurt. Google says it was done by “queer Mexican and Chitimachan artist Sienna Gonzales,” as though we wouldn’t know her work anywhere!

Sure, you could be forgiven for mistaking the image for Jonathan Winters, but the gay/trans flag and the Indian princesses in a loving embrace reassure us that this is a tribute to Cameron. And the dual depiction of the rugged grassland and rocky outcroppings of Lakota country and the colorful Victorians of San Francisco tell the story of an epic journey of self-discovery. The sweater vest and fedora are a particularly nice touch.

On the off chance you don’t know who Barbara May Cameron is, Google helpfully reminds us that she was a “Hunkpapa Lakota Native American activist, photographer, and writer…She was nationally recognized as a leading human rights activist for women, LGBTQ, and Native American rights.”

Ahhh… I feel so enlightened and superior now.



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