Trump or DeSantis: Why It Doesn’t Matter

Everyone who reads my posts wants to know: Who’s my pick? Trump or DeSantis?


Re: Trump and his alleged baggage: I will take Trump 1000 times over any Democrat (i.e., totalitarian), and I will also gladly take DeSantis–in both cases, with reservations, since I don’t agree with either on everything. Sadly, with ballot fraud and mail-in voting to continue in “swing” states–to say nothing of what they have in store for us next–it doesn’t matter too much. No Republican is going to win, because no Republican can win without swing states; and Atlanta, Philadelphia and greater Phoenix, controlled by sinister DemComs, will determine the outcome for what’s left of the American republic.

For now, I see the best option as supporting in a last desperate but still plausible attempt to restore our original Bill of Rights and Constitution. Beyond that, I only see secession and breakup for the states and localities who cannot roll over and willingly submit to a ridiculous, collectivist yet fully toxic and dangerous woke empire. Yes, this will likely lead to bloodshed, and that is tragic. So is a one-party, totalitarian country.



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