Daniel Penny

A man, an ex-Marine with no criminal history, restrains a known mentally insane, violent man on a New York City subway. In the process, he saves himself and others on the train from probable physical harm. At first, the idea of prosecuting him is too much even for New York DA Alvin Bragg, the Soros-appointed lawyer whose explicit intention is to destroy American cities and the American republic, starting with made-up charges against former President Donald Trump. However, after Black Lives Matter and other domestic terrorists weigh in, openly threatening to shoot up New York City if the ex-Marine, named Daniel Penny, is not immediately arrested and prosecuted for murder (or at least manslaughter), then Bragg gives in and proceeds to arrest Penny.

“[Daniel Penny] did the right thing,” Guardian Angel’s founder Curtis Sliwa said on Newsmax. “You give the Marine the benefit of the doubt who served America, not Neely, who already was listed as one of the 50 most dangerous people living in the subways.

“We spend millions to catalog who are the most dangerous and we don’t remove them and put them in shelters or psychiatric facilities.”

You do NOT want to live in or near New York City. The police are politicized, and they will protect citizens only according to political standards — not normal, reasonable police standards in a free society. And if you try to defend yourself in lieu of police, if you’re not in a politically protected class (or worse still, if you’re in a politically hated class, such as white, male and heterosexual) — well, you’ll be toast.

Stay the hell away from blue states and cities. Let these ignorant mounds of barbarism collapse of their own irrationality.



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