Are Democrats Really Desperate? I Don’t See It

Everyone says leftists and Dems are desperate, anxious. I don’t see it. What I see are sociopaths who realize nobody is going to stop them. The Supreme Court is afraid of them. Congress is mostly with them. The executive branch is run like a legalized mafia. Liberty has no friends, and innocent citizens who wish to be left alone are ordered to vax up, salute the trans flag, give up fossil fuels, tolerate the intellectual molestation of children and applaud race based transfers of wealth of $200 million per person.

What do leftists have to feel desperate about? They have won every single battle of the last few years. They are winning the war against reason, freedom and civilization. They are wildly insane and have the FBI, the courts, the schools, the entire corporate, sports, banking and entertainment cultures on their side. And they have frightened the vast majority of dissenters into submission: Without even having to shut off their bank accounts, water, food or electricity (so far).

Get real. Until you are ready to physically stop and defeat these psychopaths, you are going to lose everything.


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