The Incomprehensible Sickness of $200 Million “Reparations”

Imagine if the government gave you $200 million because of your race. Because, they tell you, of wrongdoing against your great-great-great-great grandparents (who may or may not have been actual victims of the injustice). How would you feel about getting this huge sum of money for that reason? Would you feel you deserve it, and that it’s fair? What about people of different races who don’t get the money? Their taxes go up, the price of goods goes up because of the significant inflation created by unprecedented government benefits. Your cost of living goes up too, but you can now afford it. Would you feel sorry for people of other races who don’t get the money, and who must struggle now to ensure your status as a millionaire? Will all this help or hurt your self-esteem and emotional state? What about their self-esteem and emotional state? Do you care? Do you think they will now treat and view you the same, now that you are a millionaire because of your DNA, and they are not, because of their DNA?

No dystopian novelist could ever have dreamed up this scenario. Yet this is exactly where California is headed. Other blue states will follow. The permanently blue federal government, thanks to election fraud, will attempt to force something like it down our throats, even in red or purple states. When they’re talking slave reparations, they’re talking BIG BIG BUCKS. And ensuring social strife like the world has never seen.



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