Reparations: The New Slavery

California legislators, activists and possibly its Governor are demanding a minimum of $200 million apiece for each black person in the state of California. They are race-based payments — NOT for slavery, because nobody in California ever was a slave. Their great-great grandparents may or may not have been slaves. It doesn’t matter. If you’re black — then you will get $200 million. For your race.

Only $200 million apiece? Why not $200 trillion apiece? Think it’s too much? What are you — a racist?

It’s not “reparations.” It’s grand larceny. It’s every bit as abominable as slavery itself. Only a hideous monster would support this.

It’s literally a reenactment of slavery as retaliation against slavery 250 or 350 years ago. All the victims and perpetrators of this past slavery are long dead. No matter. If you’re white today, you’re a perpetrator — and you will pay for these reparations, either in taxes or (more likely) through the devaluation of your income, bank accounts and spending money (via inflation) so that others may get millions. Of course, once the currency is further devalued through further inflation, then we’ll have to convert those $200 million payments into $200 billion payments per person.

Blacks are a minority. They are to be the beneficiary of millions and millions of dollars, not for any injustice but for their race alone. What do you think will become of their character? What will this do to them, directly — and to the rest of society, indirectly? What will happen to race relations then?

And what will these recipients of millions (or billions) of dollars spend the money on? Especially if the economy collapses because the majority of people who will not be getting the payoffs — and who will be impoverished by the inflation and injustice of it all — simply cannot provide the recipients with all that they desire.

Slavery never works. It breaks the spirit of both its victims and the perpetrators. It leads to collapse, as we saw in the American South for a good century after the Civil War.

We can only imagine how this will all play out in California, and how it will affect the remaining states who presumably do not participate.

It’s perhaps the most incoherent form of merging madness and injustice ever devised by human beings — including Stalin, Hitler and Mao.

Today’s leftists are terrorists of force and spirit. They will not stop unless stopped by moral coward and physical force. So far, they are encountering neither on any substantial scale.



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