Does DeSantis Have a Plan to Combat Election Fraud in 2024?

It looks like DeSantis will run for President. What’s HIS plan to combat fraud from mail-in voting in swing states? It clearly worked in 2020, and ousted President Trump from office despite being ahead in votes. It worked in Georgia and Arizona in 2020 and 2022. It’s disappointing watching Donald Trump pretend the fraud never happened. It’s even more disappointing to learn this about DeSantis. Both men have been capable and competent officials, and I would like to see either win the presidency in 2024. But nobody — absolutely nobody — has been held accountable for the problems in the last elections.

Most Republicans pretend it never happened. How can two men otherwise so willing to call out crazies, tyrants and fraudsters in other contexts be so unwilling to do so now? How can they seriously think they have a chance? DeSantis would better spend his efforts on creating a free republic of Florida rather than playing the games and stepping into the trap of the most evil, destructive political forces since Hitler, Stalin and Mao.



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