ABC “News” is Absolutely Like State-Run Media

ABC interviewed RFK Jr. and then censored his comments critical of so-called COVID vaccines. And then they tried to cover it up; and then they got busted. When busted, they said, “It was false information, so we had to cut it.”

Since when is it the job of a tv network to censor information they consider false? Isn’t it their job simply to air the interview and leave viewers to decide what they think of his opinions? Also, if they’re confident Kennedy’s views are false, why do they have to censor them, and conceal it? Won’t it be obvious to people he’s stating falsehoods?

Do you see why it’s RIDICULOUS to call these news networks? They’re dishonest, arrogant, narcissistic, morally hollow and intellectually vacant propaganda mills. They are the equivalent of state-run media, possessing ZERO credibility. They’re toxic, precisely because they pose as something objective, informative and serious and still manage to scam millions of people.



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