Message to the Woke

My message to the woke:

You horrible people who are offended by everything are seeking control. Yet you will never attain it. All you will get is submission. Submission is false. People do it resentfully, through clenched teeth. The control is an illusion, because while you have our bodies, for a time, you will never have our minds. Your brawn and bravado will never control our brains — not those few of us who still use them.

No matter how many elections you steal, how many posts or ideas you censor, how much property and wealth you seize and redistribute, no matter how many concentration camps you build — you will never have control. You, the woke, the terrorists and tyrants of our era, are condemned to a hell of frustration and compulsion, all of your own making. And you richly deserve it.

If you love life, thinking, and yourself, you’re immunized from ever being woke.



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