How to End Corporate Welfare Forever: Convention of States

DeSantis: Disney has “no legal right to corporate welfare.”

Absolutely correct. Nor does ANY business, large or small.

To paraphrase Ayn Rand, government and business should be totally separate in the same way, and for the same reasons, as church and state are separated.

Get government the hell out of business and wealth redistribution forever. End income taxes and most taxes as we know them. Defund the IRS immediately. Defund the EPA, the CDC, the FBI and most Cabinet departments immediately. The federal government is wildly and irredeemably out of control, using its power to go on the warpath against innocent citizens. The only peaceful way remaining? Defund and shut most of it down. Go back to funding only what the original Constitution provided: a military to protect our borders. Fire the woke generals. Call a Convention of States, not to rewrite the Constitution but to reaffirm it and to shut down and defund our corrupt federal government asap.

Too radical? Just wait to see what life under an unlimited and unaccountable government will be like after 1 or 2 more faux election cycles. Then talk to me about too radical then.




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