Why Fox News Doesn’t Have to Care About Losing Tucker Carlson

The thing about corporations in a fascist economy, as opposed to a free market economy? They can do stupid things — and not worry. In a free market economy, they would pay for doing stupid things; but not in a fascist economy.

Fox just lost it’s biggest money maker — the biggest money maker EVER. A profitable business would not have let this happen, not even for the sake of settlement in a lawsuit. Clearly, political factors — not economic or business factors — were at work here. It seems unlikely that Tucker Carlson, given the nonstop display of courage on his part over the years, and his stance on issues — would participate in some coverup to conceal what was actually quitting on his part. And why would he quit?

The behavior of Fox resembles the behavior of CNN and other propaganda companies who don’t worry about lower ratings or massive losses in profits. Why — you’d almost think they’re getting their money from somewhere else.

In our now fully developed fascist system that used to be American (more or less) free market capitalism, the federal government acts the same way. They’re brazen to the point of bragging about the weaponization of the DOJ, the FBI, the IRS, the CDC and everything else. They’re only starting to flex their muscles. In 2022, the propaganda media’s own polls showed a massive bloodbath in the Congressional elections with Republicans as the victors. We saw what happened. In 2020, neither the media nor the Party expressed concern about having the least visible, least capable, least cognitively present presidential candidate in all of American history, a candidate literally confined to his basement as the vote counts shifted from defeat to victory in the wee hours of the morning. “No worries. Wink wink. We’ve got this,” seemed to be their attitude throughout both 2020 and 2022. And it’s the same about the 2024 election, as poor Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis prepare to go through the motions of providing us with a show where we already know the ending.

I suppose the lesson here is: If you’re a totalitarian authoritarian fascist oligarchy, and you have ALL the money behind you and ALL the force of government behind you — then you have no worries. You can now count Fox News among them.



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