John Roberts’ Temporary Lapse of Understanding the Constitution

For once, Chief Justice John Roberts got it right. He told Congress they can take their summons of intimidation to discuss Supreme Court “ethics” and shove it:

“I must respectfully decline your invitation.

Testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee by the Chief Justice of the United States is exceedingly rare as one might expect in light of separation of powers concerns and the importance of preserving judicial independence.”

Now, if Roberts could only learn to uphold the Constitution in other matters–like the integrity of federal elections, for starters.


Speaking of election fraud …

The latest ruminations of DANIEL JUPP:

“Amazing to see alleged Republicans still claiming that Biden got 81 million real votes. I suppose this acceptance will increase among the gullible following the Dominion settlement. So it’s time for a reminder.

“There were a historic number of red flag fraud indicators for 2020, whilst at the same time the alleged result breaks just about every results indicator used by pollsters.

“Commonly accepted red flag indicators of fraud are: 1. Statistically highly unlikely results 2. Statistically highly unlikely turnouts 3. Changes to procedures in the run up to the election 4. Sudden counting suspensions or delays 5. Statistically contradictory results 6. Extended or lengthy voting 7. Eyewitness accounts of fraudulent behaviour. 8. Violence or force to prevent voting or disguise fraud.

“2020 had every single one of these. It matched a BBC report checklist on red flag indicators on disputed elections in African dictatorships. That’s how bad it was.

“But there’s also very reliable indicators of how an election will go. These indicators have a track record of successfully predicting results going back a century, yet they are shattered by the 2020 result (not one indicator, but EVERY indicator). Prediction by primary performance-shattered. Prediction by share of belweather counties-shattered. Prediction by the winner of three key states-shattered. Prediction by support polling-shattered. All of these normally line up with who has legitimately won.

“The only other modern election with these patterns being broken was 1960, now widely acknowledged by many historians as having been determined by fraud (interestingly since 2020 sites like Wikipedia have adjusted descriptions of 1960 to minimise fraud claims. I wonder why?). 1960 only broke some of the indicators, 2020 breaks EVERY established pattern for determining the winner.

“Any rational person knows that if an incumbent President adds 12 million votes he wins and that an unpopular candidate does not add 15 million votes over a previous popular candidate of the same party. Obama won his second term having LOST millions of votes. This is fairly normal for second term victories. What has NEVER happened before is a record breaking increase in vote leading to a defeat for the incumbent.

“No single honest election sees the greatest ever performance by an incumbent topped by the greatest ever performance by a challenger. Logically, a great performance comes at the cost of a poor performance from the other candidate. Not both being massively record breaking. The numbers for 2020 are both astronomical and ludicrous. Millions of new voters popped into existence overnight, ‘coincidentally’ with the innovations of extensive mail in ballots and lengthy extended voting and lengthy extended vote counting. Biden ‘won’ with the lowest ever share of counties, Trump ‘lost’ with the greatest ever increase of votes. That combination alone is so statistically unlikely as to be in the same order of plausibility as a man successfully balancing an elephant on his nose.

“To give another analogy. A thrashing in a sporting contest is unlikely. Two competitors BOTH breaking every existing record there is in the same match is virtually impossible. Imagine a tennis match where both players get more aces than ever seen in a match before, and one has a 100% success rate with their serves but is beaten by a guy who somehow has a 124% success rate with their serves, a statistical impossibility. Trump thrashed all prior records, and Biden thrashed that?

“That can only be achieved by fraud.

“Anyone who doesn’t have the wit to notice this stuff, the logic to recognise it, or the integrity to admit it, is worthless.”


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