Tucker Carlson Reminds Us: It’s Not Your Daddy’s Fox News

“I don’t care what anybody thinks.”

— Tucker Carlson

So Fox News now has the “integrity” of CNN or MSNBC.

Time to move on. Fox joins the ash heap of history.

Trump, Fox News went down not because they were too harsh. They weren’t harsh enough. We are dealing with undiluted evil.

Tucker Carlson was the last thing about Fox News that distinguished it from the rest of Big Media. By caving to the leftists both in civil suits and ditching Tucker Carlson hours after AOC commanded it, it’s now clear who Fox News represents. Lefties still won’t go near Fox, and will stick with the real deal when it comes to state-inspired propaganda–MSNBC, CNN, etc.

If Fox News thinks it can survive on the moderate middle, it’s badly out of touch. There is no moderate middle in America. Not anymore. Either you’re a totalitarian–or you’re for freedom. Fox News has no audience.

By the way:

Everyone is saying: run from Fox News to Newsmax.

I wrote a column for Newsmax back in 2017. I quit because a twit editor of theirs in San Francisco told me to stop criticizing Islam, even in the context of terrorists. So I don’t know how much better Newsmax is.

Sorry to break it to you. I think it’s past time to go rogue.



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