“Liberal” Isn’t Liberal. It Never Was.

It makes perfect sense that today’s leftists — yesterday’s “liberals” — morphed into outright totalitarians.

Think about it. “Liberalism” — properly called leftism — always relied on coercion. Medicare and Social Security were never optional. You were FORCED to contribute and FORCED to participate. You were COERCED to abstain from participating in a competitive, private market for health care and health insurance, simply because the government ordered those free markets out of existence by passing Medicare and Medicaid. You were given no choice about putting a third (or more) of your income into Social Security and getting back (if you’re lucky) 10 or 20 percent of your investment.

While you might have expressed outrage if the government took over all grocery store or clothing enterprises and lumped them into one inefficient, mediocre, unaccountable and noncompetitive monopoly, you (or your parents/grandparents) never expressed concern that the federal government took the entirely unconstitutional step of doing PRECISELY THAT with medical care and retirement.

If the government (in the 1930s, 1960s or more recently) had used its monopoly as an excuse to order you (and grocery store owners) ONLY to eat certain kinds of foods or ONLY to buy certain clothing — why, that would strike you as unAmerican. Yet when the federal government did that very thing with regard to mask wearing and forced participation in experimental vaccines (that are (1) not vaccines and (2) do not work) — well, you figured, that’s what the government does, right? Most doctors and virtually all hospitals get virtually all of their profit and proceeds from the federal government. So who are they to disagree with America’s very own Josef Mengele, Anthony Fauci?

It’s a timeless principle: Coercion leads to inefficiency and injustice. Inefficiency and injustice lead people to be frustrated and upset. As a result, the people in charge of the existing coercion respond to your perfectly reasonable state of being upset by … ordering MORE coercion. Eventually, you reach a point where there’s almost nothing left to coerce.

We’re pretty much approaching that point now in the former American republic. I say “former” because there’s no chance in hell we’d be at this point if the Constitution and Bill of Rights were even nominally still in effect.

We have reached a point where the only choices remaining are the choices a woke, corrupt and frankly insane government permits you to have. If the government does not want you to have an option — well, then you have to pretend that such an option doesn’t exist. CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, the New York Times, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, your local university or community college, your local government-run schools, Nike, Coca Cola, Bud Light, Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon and virtually every other corporate entity in America will assist the government in making sure you are introduced ONLY to the choices that reflect their always woke, leftist, socialist/Communist/fascist priorities.

In practice, our merger of government and corporate America are ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENT than a dictatorship. If anything, it’s worse than a dictatorship. It’s dictatorship for a huge profit for the dictators; whereby we literally finance our own annihilation.

We have reached a point where you basically have just a handful of rights left. You still have the right to (1) smoke pot; (2) have an abortion (maybe not in red states, but that will change soon enough); (3) join a women’s sports team or enter a woman’s bathroom even if you still have male genitalia; (4) have any kind of sex the government approves of; and (5) buy an electric car (which most cannot afford and no market will ever be able to sustain, on the existing power grid). Oh, and you have a right to vote in elections where, at least nationally, the outcome is already pretty much predetermined to be not just a Democrat victor, but a far, far left Democrat victor (the only kind we have left).

If you call this freedom … well, the wokesters and the totalitarians and the propagandists have done their job.

Leftism and “liberalsim” were always about coercion. It was always and only a question of how much coercion. It’s therefore not a surprise to me — not at all — that we went from minimal or moderate amounts of coercion to the full-scale, tyrannical and authoritarian assault we now see today.

Believe me: They are just getting started. These people are capable of much worse than Stalin, Mussolini, Castro and Hugo Chavez and Mao combined. And unlike these earlier dictators — they face virtually no meaningful opposition.




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