Totalitarianism Through Your Local Bank

The federal government and the IRS are reportedly ordering banks to call and ask “customers” about their personal business. “Why did you withdraw that much? When are you planning to withdraw money again? What are you doing with the money?”

No rational business would ever do this to their customers. In a free, unregulated market it would be impossible. But when the government uses its power to instill monopoly control on all of the banks, then this is what happens.

It’s the beginning of what’s called social credit.

Communist China already has social credit. Totalitarian regimes have always done this kind of thing; but modern technology combined with government control of the banking industry, has raised it to a new level. I believe it’s already starting in America.

We all know what a credit score is for purposes of taking out loans, buying a house or buying a car. If you have a credit score of 700-800 or higher, it’s a reflection of the fact you pay your debts and are in pretty good shape, financially.

A social credit score is when an entity or agency seeks to evaluate the decisions you’re making; the values you hold; and your political, religious or otherwise philosophical kinds of attitudes and viewpoints. The agency (i.e. the government, either directly or acting through a “private” though highly regulated business, like a bank) scores you based on what IT considers to be desirable or undesirable.

These are none of the government’s business. But I believe it’s what’s behind the banks now doing this, since the banks would never be doing this without the pressure or consent of the federal government, who regulates nearly everything that a bank does.

I don’t wish to call out banks for this. I don’t wish to blame this on capitalism, profit or “greed” because those are not the offenders here. Like I said, in a free market this could never happen, not for long and not without your being able to easily find a bank who didn’t pry into your business like this.

The problem in America today is that the government, especially the federal government, is wildly and — in my view — irredeemably out of control. It’s beyond repair. The governors, mayors, “President” and permanent, one-party bureaucrats are drunk with the psychological equivalent of LSD, cocaine or heroin. The more they get, the more they abuse it. And the more horrible they become.

Protect yourself. Defend yourself. Dissent and passively resist wherever, whenever possible. Try to educate people in your families or lives who are still voting for these totalitarian sociopaths to stop doing so. It’s not an issue of left versus right; Republican vs. Democrat. It’s an issue of tyranny versus freedom.

Under the free republic that most of us still kind of assume we live under, the government is accountable to the people. The government is a means to the end of protecting the rights of the people — to their private property, to the values they choose to raise their children with, to their rights to freedom of speech, due process and to owning weapons of self-defense. NONE of these rights are honored or respected by today’s tyrants.

Government, increasingly, is acting like a criminal itself. You and I define criminals as fraudsters, thieves, rapists and killers. Increasingly, our government is acting and speaking like the criminal himself. And as for REAL criminals — they’re letting them go. Crime is rampant in big cities run exclusively by left-wing tyrants whose district attorneys are openly sending criminals back into the public while arresting or intimidating people who show up at a peaceful rally to see President Donald Trump, or who question that transgenderism is really a thing, or whether children should be given surgery (without parental consent) to alter their genitalia before they’re legally permitted to vote, join the military or have a cocktail.

It’s hard to imagine anything more sinister than today’s federal government (and many state governments) unless you start to conjure up images of 9/11 terrorists who in a similar (though temporary) way brought civilization to a halt. These Democratic Communists (and their RINO accomplices) are like terrorists with unlimited power, power that those 9/11 terrorists could only dream of holding.

Once you grasp this fact, you’ll have no problem when your bank starts calling you, at the behest of the IRS or other federal agencies, to find out what you’re spending your money on, and why.



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