Washington, Eisenhower, Goldwater & Reagan Warned Us of Trump’s Fate

Trump took on the Establishment and eventually the empire struck back. It really should be no surprise. The magnitude of the legal attacks against Trump don’t reveal that he did anything wrong; nor are they even intended to. They’re simply a way of a malignancy fighting back.

Today’s rotten-to-the-core mixture of industry, government fiat currency, entertainment, education and media represents a far, far worse cabal of corruption than anything George Washington, and later Eisenhower, and then later Goldwater and Reagan warned us about. These men were all correct that America could become so strong that, in its strength, it would sell out its virtue to what seemed like self-interest, but in fact emerged as the great nation-state’s self-destruction.

By the time Trump came along, we now know, it was already too late. While the American ideal persisted, the American republic had already rotted away because the termites had eaten it up. Trump turned on the lights and the termites, or roaches if you prefer, went scurrying. So what do we do? Secede. Walk away. Start over. Attempt a convention of states. Anything other than the status quo that’s a rat’s nest of incurable toxicity.



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